Cleaner Production Toolbox

Cleaner Production (CP) Toolbox is a web-based interactive tool facilitating the toolbox users to select suitable CP technologies relevant to their industrial production processes for appreciating the cost-effectiveness information of these technologies.

The CP Toolbox was developed by consolidating the Cleaner Production technologies and practices demonstrated under the Cleaner Production Partnership Programme. The CP Toolbox currently covers only energy saving and air pollutants emission reduction technologies, with a particular focus on VOC emission reduction technologies. More technologies/practices will be incorporated into the CP Toolbox upon completion of demonstration projects under the new phase of the Cleaner Production Partnership Programme.

To facilitate identification of relevant technologies and their respective effectiveness, these CP technologies are classified into two main categories: air pollutants emission reduction technologies and energy saving technologies. Air pollutants emission reduction technologies include VOC, SOx and NOx reduction technologies, while energy saving technologies are further categorized by eight major manufacturing industries, including Chemical Products, Food and Beverage, Furniture, Metal and Metal Products, Non-metallic Mineral Products, Paper and Paper Product Manufacturing, Printing and Publishing, and Textiles. Toolbox users can then easily search and select suitable CP technologies with respect to their industry and industrial operation/process to get initial idea on these technologies with preliminary ballpark figures on cost and benefits.

1.Select suitable cleaner production technologies > 2.Input production / operation data > 3.Display the estimated benefits on environmental and economic benefits > 4.Generate a summary report (online or downloaded for offline browsing)

Enterprises interested in using the CP Toolbox may click here.

The data input in the CP Toolbox will only be used for estimating the potential environmental and cost benefits for your enterprise. All user information will not be disclosed to third party.